live together.

It's hard to achieve big things if one doesn't think far. Serving oneself for the country is the duty of soldiers. Only after the snowstorm do we know that the pine trees don't work.

Why do ordinary people worry about this? It’s not worth thinking about, is it? Of course I have to live with my dad, I guess. But the reason why the writer is thinking about this is because… It’s such a big deficiency that I didn’t have you at the age I needed you, that I don’t even know how to fill it. That’s why I can’t give up.
But you shouldn’t. I live with my father just for him. If you want to have a relationship with your mother, it doesn’t make sense to ask you to live with her after 13 years. Let’s just keep in touch and restore our relationship. Tell them to think about it after they live together.
And I don’t think my well-off mother would have just called you. There must be something you need. Furthermore, it’s all the more sudden that you ask me to live with you.

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